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Ever wonder how much your CHEAPEST tax preparer is costing you?

It’s true: Good quality is cheap, poor quality is expensive.

A client applied for PPP forgiveness for a $147K loan with the help of the bank. As the bank was helping for FREE, he thought he was getting a good deal. The bank helped apply for forgiveness with 100% of Payroll costs, the loan was forgiven and the client got relief… but only for a short while.

While working on tax planning, we uncovered additional ERTC benefits that he was eligible for but couldn’t qualify due to how his PPP loan forgiveness was filed by the bank using 100% of payroll costs. We worked with the bank and SBA to fix the forgiveness application. As a result, he became eligible for and received an additional tax credit of $91,888. That’s a total of $91,888 of refund, in addition to $147K of forgiven PPP loan.

The bank’s offer for FREE PPP Loan Forgiveness cost him $91,888 worth of tax refund. He paid his accountant about $3,700 per year to file his taxes. With our Tax Planning service, we helped him save another $43K in addition to $92K of tax credits above. Had he not hired our Expert Team, he would have lost almost $135K in tax savings which otherwise was available to him.

What could you do with an additional $91,888?


Read more case studies from select clients: 

Reddy A.

We helped prepare documents to get this entrepreneur approved for a $195K of PPP loan.

Jay Korat

We helped this Best Western Hotel owner pay off credit debt and qualify for bigger loans.

Jay Patel

We helped this owner of multiple hotels get approved for a $150K of EIDL loan.

Samina Sharp

We helped a family who owns multiple hotels be approved for a $150K EIDL loan.

Patty Saam

We helped this owner of an insurance agency save $66,475 in taxes over 5 years.

Gaurang Patel

We helped this brand new hotel owner get approved for a $150K EIDL Loan.

Natalie Freihon

We helped this owner of two restaurants get approve for a $150K EIDL loan.

Dinesh Kanani

We helped this lottery store owner reduce his tax liability by $39,910.

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