Case Study: Samina Sharp

Samina’s parents own 3 hotels. Her accountant applied for an EIDL loan for 2 of the hotels, but both were rejected. They never applied for the 3rd out of fear that it would also be declined.

When Samina came to us, the very first thing we suggested was to apply for an EIDL for the 3rd hotel. Within 24 hours of the client providing all requested information, the hotel was approved for the full $150K. We also cleared all the ambiguity for the rejected EIDL loans and submitted them for reconsideration purposes to the SBA and were finally approved for the full $150,000 of the EIDL loan.

  • Her parents own 3 hotels
  • Her accountant applied for 2 hotels and both got rejected
  • Out of fear, never applied for 3rd one
  • The very first thing we suggested to apply for EIDL for 3rd one
  • Once client provided all the requested information, we applied for EIDL for 3rd business
  • It got approved for $150K within 24 hours
  • Cleared all the ambiguity for rejected EIDL loan and submitted for reconsideration purpose to SBA
  • Got approved for full $150,000 of EIDL Loan

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