You’re in the business of creative problem solving. So are we.

Do you feel like the financial aspect of your business interferes with your creativity? KB Tax Devisers is here to help. Where your superpower is in making money, ours is in managing it. 

We work hand-in-hand with marketing and advertising agencies such as yours to help you make more money and more magic for your clients and in your personal life.

Do what you do best. Let us handle the rest.

Peace of mind for creative minds

At KB Tax Devisers, we are here to add clarity and stability to your accounting practices with proactive, responsive advisory services that are custom-fit to your business model. 

We not only can help you maximize your tax savings, but we can serve as a true financial partner to help you better plan, structure, and scale your cash flow. And because we’re full-service, you won’t have to juggle various vendors and worry if everyone is on the same page.

Tax Planning Strategist for Marketing Agencies

Let us level out your finances so you can level up your business.

At KB Tax Devisers, we offer an array of financial services that will help you track, retain and grow your profits. That way, you can focus your passion while your business thrives.

Tax Planning and Business Advisory Services Infographic

Tax Return Preparation

We’ll prepare your returns and suggest ways to optimise after-tax revenue.

Payroll Services

Let us use our knowledge to handle your bookkeeping and payroll process.

Tax Resolution

Leave the complicated task of addressing back tax concerns to all of us.

Sales Tax Filing

We’ll prepare your sales tax returns and ensure they’re filed properly and on-time.

Helping agencies with our Awesome Eight:

Review sales or your break-even analysis

Benchmark expenses, revenue, and margins

Analyze gross profit

Pinpoint trends from year to year

Analyze marketing and expenses

Review number of clients

Analyze billing per client

Look at annual spend per client

Family approach:


As a sister-run business, we believe that family is everything. 

Life is short, and when we look back, we want it to be about the memories we made and the moments we shared with those we love.

Quality time with quality people is important to us. And we get excited about helping agency principals make smarter tax and business decisions so they can achieve financial freedom, spend more time with their loved ones, and leave a lasting legacy.

Photo of two sisters in professional attire

Who we serve:

Our clients aren’t just creative innovators.

They are leaders and doers who are experts in the advertising and marketing field.

They are as savvy about technology as they are about their campaigns.

And most importantly, they are kind, respectful, and serve as the rock to their clients, coworkers, and families.

Questions we can answer:


  • Should we add new services?  
  • Are we taking advantage of the right deductions?
  • Are we in a position to bring on more employees?
  • Is it better to hire full-time employees or freelance contractors? 
  • Should we expand our footprint and bring on remote workers?
  • Should we maintain our current pricing?
  • How do we provide retirement benefits while maintaining capital?
  • Are we better off with a per-project model, or should we move to one that is retainer-based?

Are you ready to be inspired?

You’re here to bring fresh ideas to the table—not leave money on it. Let us help you design the right course of action so your business can thrive. 

Learn the art of tax planning

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