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KB Tax Devisers is a one-stop-shop for all tax and accounting needs for entrepreneurs. We believe small businesses make up the backbone of a strong economy. And our customized tax strategies empower business owners to make smarter tax and business decisions so they can achieve financial freedom, live fruitful lives, and leave a lasting legacy.

Who we serve:

Our clients aren’t just passionate entrepreneurs. They are leaders and doers who are experts in their field. They are as savvy about technology as they are about their mission. And most importantly, they are kind, respectful, and serve as the rock to their own clients, coworkers, and families.

Family is everything to us, so we only work with business owners who value family above all else. What’s the point of financial success if it means sacrificing precious time spent with those we love?

We value our clients like an extension of our own family, and work with those who truly want to understand the numbers that will grow their business. As a result, we mostly serve clients who are professional service providers & service-based business owners:

Healthcare Providers

Marketing Agencies

Professional Services

Our Story

As young girls, Minal and Taruna witnessed the struggles and challenges their dad faced as a business owner. They both grew up motivated to become accountants – and soon realized that academic knowledge is not enough to help small business owners like their father.

After marrying and migrating to the USA, Taruna saw her own husband (an entrepreneur) face similar challenges to her dad. She worked intentionally to fulfill the dream she shared with her sister to help small business owners in extraordinary ways.

Taruna and Minal made it a family mission, and founded KB Tax Deviser CPAs. Together, they’re in business to help small business owners with customized, innovative tax strategies, financial guidance. Through protection and growth, these sisters aim to provide entrepreneurs with the peace, certainty, and freedom they deserve. 

Meet Our Founders

Minal Babaria

Minal has an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about: (1)  increasing the number of sustainable businesses in communities through education, support, mentorship, and advisory; (2) contributing to the progression of the accounting profession as it expands and modernizes to embrace more diversity and inclusion.

Minal has been interviewed by Intuit ProConnect and leading Tax software developers in the industry on remote value-based advisory services. Due to her commitment and dedication to serving small businesses, she has been invited to be the Board Chair for the local Chamber of Commerce. 

Minal is proud winner of the Gold Stevie Award for the Woman of the Year in Accounting & Finance Category, which have been hailed as the world’s premier business awards. Minal was named a recipient of CPA Practice Advisor’s annual 40 Under 40 Award for 2021. 

Minal enjoys spending time with her family and cooking. She likes to find ways to live a holistic lifestyle, crafts, and exploring various cultures. One of her favorite times of the day is when her family gathers at the dinner table.

Taruna Kanani

Taruna is a visionary leader who not only broke the cycle of typical stereotypes in her native country, but set an example for future generations to come.

Her story starts when she was born into a society where women were often portrayed as uneducated and suppressed by the society at large. It was believed that a woman’s sole purpose in life is to be a good wife and mother.  Taruna was the first girl out of many generations to never get any further education beyond primary school.

In fact, it didn’t end there. She set an example years later with postgraduate degrees in Accounting & Law, and was the first again to seek a career and work outside of the home. She is a woman who overcame adversity to become a successful entrepreneur. From a very young age, she believed in doing extraordinary things. She stands for the impossible, turning the meaning of “Impossible” becomes “Inevitable”. She invests, innovates and herself – and she will never cease to do so. Her desire is to be an example of the possibility of both in her growth mindset and never-ending learning and also for overcoming limitations that is based on gender, ethnicity.

In her spare time, Taruna loves to spend time with her family. She also enjoys trying new things, whether it’s a piece of art, a food dish, or a DIY project. She also believes in reinvesting her free time into self-improvement and learning new skills.

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