Case Study: Jay Patel

Jay is the owner of 12 hotels. His CPA assisted him in preparing and submitting EIDL applications, but only one was approved—the remaining 11 applications were rejected.

He waited for 11 months without much luck until we took matters into our own hands. We started working in batches of 3 hotels, and were able to get approval for a full $150K EIDL loan in less than one month after the client submitted all requested documents.

  • Owns 12 hotels
  • His CPA assisted preparing and submitting EIDL applications
  • Only 1 got approved and remaining 11 EIDL application rejected.
  • Waited for 11 months without much luck
  • We took matters in our hand and started working in batch of 3 hotels
  • 07/26 – Client submitted all requested docs & we reviewed
  • 07/27 – We submitted the reconsideration package to SBA
  • 08/09 – SBA approved for a full of $150K of EIDL Loan

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